About us

UPPF is a leading producer of colorless protective films in the world.

 Thanks to our vast experience, we have the largest range of protective films on the market due to the thickness and color variants.

Our products are distinguished primarily by quality, as well as resistance to all coloring chemicals and the ability to self-regenerate. 

As the only one, apart from various film thicknesses, we have patented specialist protective top coatings, the The top coat, thanks to which the foil does not turn yellow, is resistant to extreme coloring substances and maintains a brilliant shine, outclassing competing solutions.

Not forgetting the applicators, our products have been designed so that their application is simple and does not require the use of harmful chemicals. 

By choosing UPPF products, you invest in long-term paint protection, proven by millions of customers around the world, while increasing the value of your vehicle.


The largest selection of film thicknesses of the highest quality.

The foil retains its perfect gloss and protective properties for the longest time among competing products on the market.

Each of our products has great self-regeneration properties, thanks to which the covered surface will never be scratched again!


Even a lifetime quality guarantee

DCP - Precisely made templates, for most cars on the market

Millions of satisfied customers and professional support for business partners.


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