1. When using a pressure washer, keep the distance between the nozzle / lance and the element protected / covered with foil at least 60 cm (very high water pressure at the very mouth of the lance may cause the foil to cut or peel off).
    2. Do not point the nozzle at the edges of the foil, as this may cause water to seep under the foil and undermine it.
    3. Before using strong cleaning agents, check in an inconspicuous place that they do not damage the foil.
    4. Use only a clean microfiber cloth or synthetic wax for cleaning. Naturally occurring waxes (eg carnauba) are not recommended. Also, do not use any colored paraffin resins (only white or colorless).
    5. Any possible contamination (i.e. dirt caused by insects, bird droppings, etc.) must be removed immediately. Dirt left on the foil for a long time may cause discoloration.
    6. There are visible inclusions and imperfections of factory and secondary paint under the colorless foil and the color change foil.
    7. During the correct application of colorless foil and foil, pollen from the air may get into the air, which may be visible under the foil after wrapping the vehicle
    8. When applying colorless foils and foils, chemical agents, polishing machines and sharp tools are used to change the color, which carry the risk of damage to the car's paint surface, for which the contractor is not responsible.
      1. Automatic car washes should not be used,
      2. Do not wash the car in the sun,
      3. Natural waxes and ceramic coatings should not be applied to the foil,
      4. The vehicle can be safely washed with chemicals with a neutral pH
    9. It is forbidden to use:
      1. Products intended for degreasing
      2. Aggressive abrasives
      3. Solvents and cleaners based on them
    10. After applying the foil, wait 48 hours before the first car wash or other care treatment.
    11. Polishing equipment may only be used at low speed settings with minimal pressure. Before using the machine on the hood or wheel arches, we recommend checking the effects on the invisible part of the bumper.
    12. When removing the foil, the varnish may be damaged if it has been poorly varnished before.
    13. Failure to comply with the above recommendations results in the loss of the warranty for the service.
    14. The Contractor is also not responsible for any damage or defects that result from improper maintenance / care or use of the film.

Click here [HERE] and check what is covered by the warranty.
    1. Rinse the car thoroughly with a pressure washer, starting with the dirtiest parts - wheel arches, rims, bodywork.
    2. Foam the car using a foam sprayer and a dedicated detergent with a neutral pH, then rinse with a pressure washer.
    3. Wash the rims with brushes with specially designed preparations.
    4. To clean the car body, use a delicate glove and two buckets (one bucket with warm water and shampoo, the other with only water for rinsing the glove).
    5. Rinse the entire car again and dry with dedicated microfiber towels.

We conduct trainings thanks to which you can obtain two levels of certification. The first (SILVER) is a basic course for beginners, thanks to which you will be able to buy designated UPPF products at special prices, and you will have the skills and knowledge needed to stick basic elements.

The second level is advanced training (GOLD). Thanks to it, you will gain knowledge on how to wrap the entire car for the most demanding customers and you will get the opportunity to buy the entire UPPF range, including premium products at special prices. 

Having UPPF certificates is highly respected around the world, in addition, you will find yourself on the map of authorized UPPF applicators / dealers.

The origin of the success and the best quality of UPPF products is the country of origin, experience and knowledge. China is nowadays the largest recipient of medium and premium class cars, and thus services such as foil protection. Additionally, they are very demanding customers by nature. Thanks to the huge population, millions of orders are carried out annually, which leads to gaining huge experience and field for product development. Our foil is the most resistant to discoloration, yellowing, abrasion and mechanical damage. We have the largest selection of clear films, which gives the end customer incredible flexibility. In addition to the difference in quality, we also dominate with the support of our business partners and end customers. 

Ceramic coating is a chemical preparation that protects surfaces by hardening, making them slippery, hydrophobic and antistatic. It is a good product that makes it easier to keep the car clean. It should be remembered that it does not protect against mechanical damage - its thickness is only 2 microns! For comparison, UPPF films start at 150 and end at 300 microns. In addition, ceramic coatings, if not properly cared for, quickly lose their properties - where the foil guarantees lifelong protection of the paint. The thickness of our products gives a specific barrier against sharp objects, abrasions, speeding stones and aggressive chemicals. Protecting the car with UPPF foil is an investment that we can confidently add to the value of our car!

Professional wrapping studios around the world use the knife cutting method due to the better matching of the foil to the element, more pleasant applications and lower foil tension on the element. It is a way to obtain the best quality veneers, having appropriate qualifications, it is a safe method in 100%, giving the possibility of hiding the foil under the gaskets and cutting it in such a way that it is invisible after application - the hidden edges of the foil minimize the risk of tearing it.

The use of ready-made dies is very popular, especially on the Polish market. It shortens the service time and the amount of material used, it is a method chosen for convenience and time, but it does not allow for such a precise adjustment of the foil. It also makes it possible to stick on many elements without disassembling the car. We have a proprietary collection of templates for almost every car, motorcycle and electronics. 

The most common choice of customers is the Professional series, which gives an excellent compromise between the thickness of the film and the price. The 150 micron film from the Amazing series (it is more than the paint coating of today's cars) provides us with very good protective properties, but if we want our car and the film to be more resistant to mechanical damage, it is worth reaching for thicker products that UPPF offers as unique on the market. 


On the map of authorized applicators / dealers, you can find all the studios for which we sell our products. If it is not known in which studio the service was performed, please contact us by e-mail or phone to verify the authenticity of the product.

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